The Data Competition Institute will advance a multidisciplinary approach to competition policy, drawing from other areas of law and intellectual fields. Current paradigms are ill-equipped to analyze markets in our data-driven global economy.
About The Data Competition Institute

The Data Competition Institute (DCI) analyzes the exciting and challenging implications of our increasingly data-driven global economy. As its Mission Statement reflects, DCI seeks to

  • examine the collection, use, and dissemination of data in our economy,
  • better understand the socio-economic implications of, and the threats to, a 
data-driven economy,
  • promote standards to provide the structural conditions in which a data-driven 
economy can enhance citizen welfare, and
  • provide a platform whereby scholars, businesses and policymakers can 
collaborate to better understand the implications of a data-driven economy so as to capture its potential benefits while mitigating its associated risks.

DCI aims to provide a thoughtful force behind public and private awareness of the many data-related legal and political issues. DCI is a resource for reporters, opinion makers, scholars, policymakers, consumers, businesses, and organizations working in the complicated policy intersection of tech, privacy, competition and consumer issues. DCI provides expert commentary on current news, facilitates forums on the latest substantial debates, and reviews and publishes the groundbreaking scholarship. Allen P. Grunes and Maurice E. Stucke, who founded DCI in October 2014, used their extensive antitrust experience to build a platform that promotes a better understanding of data, its impact on our economy, its policy effects and the legal implications.

DCI is thankful for the support of the Media Democracy Fund, who have supported our efforts to be an informative resource on today’s issues surrounding data.